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Run azure pipelines with verbose logging

February 20, 2021

You can enable verbose logging using the System.Debug variable for a single run of the pipeline or for every run of the pipeline.

For a single run

There is a system variable (System.Debug) that will add more logging to a Azure Pipelines build. Click on Run New to get started 1 run new

Click on Variables

2 run pipeline vars

Add Variable

3 add var

Add the name variable System.Debug with value true. Click Create.

4 add debug var

Check it's been added correctly and then click the back arrow.

5 click back

Observe that new variable has been added and then click Run.

6 run with debug var

For every run

Update the pipeline yaml to have this variable

  vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'

  buildConfiguration: 'Release'
  System.Debug: true