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Mind your dependencies, or, _Where's your cookie popup?_

May 12, 2019

It's a relief when I load this page to not have to deal with an annoying cookie permission modal.

I wish the EU had considered how their policy might be interpreted and mandated that a global 'apply the minimum' policy could be applied by the user and respected by the site.

Anyway I came across requestmap.webperf.tools which visualises the dependencies in a website, ie, which other libraries the site depends upon. Which makes for interesting viewing.

This site is fairly simple, as there is no cookie handling, just a call to a CDN for the Bootstrap library

webperf lobmeuk Tool output

For an organisation that, in the UK at least, is supposed to not advertise, the BBC has a lot of adservers in play.

webperf bbccouk Tool output

Ah, but wait, that was for a test run on an non-UK server. Let's re-run that from a UK server and see how much cleaner it looks.

webperf bbccoukuk Tool output

Amazon keeps a lot of it in-house, or in-network at least.

webperf amazoncouk Tool output

The prize for the busiest map of today goes to ZDnet for this rat's nest:

webperf zdnetcom Tool output

Read more on the tool at Simon Hearne's blog and wonder whether the demise of the 56k modem is a good or a bad thing.