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Book review: Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2 by Adam Freeman

January 02, 2018

Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2 by Adam Freeman


It's one of those books you can weigh on the bathroom scales rather than the kitchen ones. However that's all good....

I've been mostly a back end dev over the last 6 years so have neglected ASP.net MVC. I'm OK with that in one way as it means that during the last three roles I have been focusing on what the company needs me to do to achieve their goals. As they didn't need MVC then me filling my brain with it is a bit of a distraction (when it could be filled with Knockout, say).

However now that it's on .net core 2 I thought it was time to dip back in and have worked through most of this tome from Adam Freeman

Firstly the size. I once bought a similarly-long book from Apress on C# (4, I think) by Troelsen on my Kindle and it was unmanageable (it was one of the older Kindles with a quarter-second delay to flick back a page).

I was worried that holding a 1000-page book would also be hard. Well, it is a little tiring if you hold it up, so I tended to read it on the desk.

The reason it is so large is that the code excerpts are almost all complete. What I mean is that they aren't full of ellipses asking you to refer back 2 pages for this part and 5 pages for the next part. This approach, that some other publishers take, saves weight, trees and forearms, I get that, but it breaks the flow (like the quarter-page delay on the page-back on my Kindle did) and just like in work so in reading technical matter focus (or flow if you like) is important.

Whether he covers everything he should or not I can't tell as it's not my home field. However I can see the differences from the last version I touched, which was ASP.net MVC 4. It's a lot nicer to work with.

I was also able to get a moderately involved starter project going so it met my needs.